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You Deserve The Benefits You’ve Paid For

You signed on for an insurance product, you paid your monthly premiums faithfully. It is certainly a reasonable expectation that when an issue arises where you need to file a claim, the insurance company would at least do its part and pay you the benefits you deserve.

But What Happens When The Insurance Company Denies Your Claim?

At Young Insurance Law, we have decades of legal experience helping businesses and individuals handle disputes with insurance companies. Attorney Doug Young has a track record of helping clients who have had their valid insurance claims denied. We serve clients in the Detroit metro area and throughout Michigan. We can help you obtain your rightful benefits.

Claim Denials: What You Can Do To Get Your Benefits

When your claim gets denied, there are a number of steps involved:

The Claim Itself

Actually, a lot of the work to obtain your benefits happens before the claim is denied. By following your policy’s filing procedures, gathering all of the evidence needed to prove your claim and keeping a good record of everything, you will increase your chances significantly.

The Insurance Company’s Appeal Process

The first step is to go through the insurance company’s appeal process. Insurance companies will have a specific internal process that you must follow when appealing. Even at this early stage, it is important to work with a lawyer, as the record created in this first stage will impact every following step of the process.

Although this is only one step in the process, it requires significant work, knowledge, experience and negotiating savvy to make sure the process goes in your favor. Often this involves consulting with outside experts and difficult negotiations.

Filing A Lawsuit

If you have been through the entire process to no avail, you can file a lawsuit. Sometimes the only way to get the benefits you paid for is through this contentious approach.

However, the good news is that insurance companies don’t want to waste time and money in litigation any more than you do. When a lawsuit is filed or even suggested, an insurance company is much more likely to come to some kind of settlement agreement in order to avoid litigation, especially if they know your attorney can and will win in court.

Whatever stage you are in when facing a claim denial, we can help you.

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