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You Do Have Rights

As an insurance policyholder, you might feel like you are completely at the mercy of the insurance company that has all the legal power and control. This can be true whether you are an individual policyholder or holding a policy for a corporation. A policyholder can feel powerless and without rights in the situation.

But you have rights. Especially when it comes to the claim denials and insurance disputes, you just need to understand what those rights are, and you need some help exercising your rights. At Young Insurance Law, we can help. Serving clients in the Detroit metro area and throughout Michigan for nearly 30 years, we have a thorough knowledge and a track record of success representing businesses and individuals in all types of insurance matters.

Your Rights

Although each policy is different, it is important to recognize that some rights are protected by law:

  • Freedom from unconscionable contracts: Some insurance contracts are written in a way that is almost impossible for a nonexpert to truly understand. You have the right to be in an insurance agreement that is fair and understandable.
  • Freedom from being cheated: You have a right to have your contractual agreements protected by law. If you have a valid claim, and the insurance company is obligated to pay you benefits on that claim, then they are required by law to do so.
  • The right to legal representation: You always have the right to consult an attorney in order to obtain good legal counsel and advocacy. When you are in an insurance policy that requires mediation, you still have the right to a lawyer, and it’s a right you should exercise.

These are just a few high-level concepts to help you understand that you have basic legal protections, even against large, powerful insurance providers. Talk with an experienced attorney who can help you protect and exercise those rights.

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